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Providing expert legal services for criminal defense and civil cases in Ethiopia.

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Comprehensive legal services tailored to meet your needs

Criminal Defense

Expert defense for criminal cases, ensuring fair trials and just outcomes for our clients.

Civil Law

Comprehensive representation for civil law matters, resolving disputes with integrity.


Professional advice and guidance on various legal issues to protect your rights and interests.

Our Legal Expertise

Hussen Ibrahim Law Firm is a premier legal firm in Ethiopia with expertise in criminal defense and civil cases. Our specialized areas include Contract, Land, Succession, Marriage, Investment, and Tort law.

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We offer unmatched legal expertise, personalized attention, and strategic solutions to protect your legal rights and interests.

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Our experienced lawyers provide personalized attention and strategic legal solutions for each case.

Client-Centered Approach

We prioritize client satisfaction by fostering trust, clear communication, and ethical practices in all our services.

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